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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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engaging the community on this. they had a meeting within 4 weeks of the event so - >> those are capture meetings. >> sure. i had him make sure that the valencia garden knew of the meetings >> thank you commissioner loft tuesday and commissioner khan. commissioner dejoe's >> i don't know if this is a new item but i see in our staff this thing about the homeless and the rights of the homeless. i know it's been here a couple of week i went on vacation but when i left we were talking about some of the newsletters and i think about the homeless there's been apologize gone out to the community and i have a doubt seen them can i get a copy
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of that >> sure. >> maybe we can talk about the policy of handling the newsletters and certain citizens in our community and regarding the homeless. >> again, the captain put out an apologize he put out a more direct apologize for but in both apologizes he mentioned he in no way, shape, or form he was mistaken low trying to be clever and he i'd like and i want that exact wording after you look up the defines it was offense. i didn't offense to insult anyone but it was offensive and
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needs an apologize. sending a news letter period if it, you know, if it someone found it offensive i think that's inadequate so if you could send me what was done i have people sending me e-mails president to know the statue >> i'll send you the second apologize. >> are we rode for the second parts of 2a. >> sure. i've asked captain lazzaro he's the senior captain in the police department that's not actually on disability or out of the city. so one the traditions of the senior captains in the police department period i have the honor to known and adjourn
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meetings so i thought it would be appropriate tloo although he looks like the youngest captain. it would be his honor to present our tradition >> thank you very much chief. good evening president and chief and director hicks and deputy cohesive chinning. i'm the commanding officer of the command description of. this evening i'm going to go through our department policy as it relates to awards so you and is public are aware as to how we make those selections. i will start off by saying as supervisory and commission
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officers it's our role to identify outstanding performance. this is a very important part of the work we do and take this responsibility seriously and follow the provision of general order 3.09. with that, i'm going to briefly go through it. all right. so i like to talk about the different what is your address. starting with the gold metal of valor it's merited when the following exist outstanding bravery above and beyond where failure to take action would not justify sensor and if the officers e officer had a sufficient amount of time to justify the risk and where the officer was prevented from the
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objective from the injury or death. it's the highest honor and we take it seriously and we don't offer it regularly. the second highest is the silver valor of honor it's hound when an officer man tests outstanding bravingy in the circumstances not required in the metal of value our they risk their lives or with a replacing would assume his or her lynch life ♪ dare or the officers accomplished the objective or prevented from establishing his objective. the braurns is the third. members of the award committees shall determine the degree of
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danger whether silver or bronze metal of valor shall be awarded. now we have the meritorious conduct award for investigation. the meritorious conduct award is for serious injury cases. it's for painstakingly diligence and the officer weighed and looked at the circumstances at it's disposal and not based on a informant. merit yes, sir. conduct award. a life saving award the officer administrators life helping 0 in the course.
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the u.s. open champing last year crp the officer saved his life and the chief game a life saving award. a member is w0u7bd or receives a serious junior. kirgs consideration for the degree of junior facing the officer during the incident and the injury or wound must have cost medical a treatment. >>. when an officer losses consciousness or a bone fraction or bodily functions or sorrow junior that happens upon a police officer. it's a direct result of the police officers actions. we avoid trying to give the award when the circumstances are
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questionable we submit that to the full committee for a vote. it didn't preclude them from getting hi, other type of metal the purple heart award so on. with the police officer acts that are done that otherwise don't fall into the metal of honor category this is an outstanding performance award from the crime technology division everyone in that unit received an award. the captains employmenty award is the person two 0 guarantee goes above and beyond their performance and we really like nominating folks for an award to anonymous award our officers but
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to really present - to really bring forth should not performance a member motive get that for making a homicide arrest or help a citizen above and beyond kind of the wild for about. they'll get to present it to the officer. okay. so those are the different tiefdz of award now the process. how it works is the award is nominated by way of memoranda. so supervisory officer will remember them and describe the actions and demonstrate house u how the actions come with within the criteria of the award. the police officer have american people investigation to see if the metal is deserved.
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chief suhr gets the report and forwards the offer to the office and put into a package for screening by the count i committee. if it's a unit civilization. in terms of a term limit it's based on the limit for 60 cases it - a member has to be nominated within 60 days if not chief suhr has to allow that time limit to go beyond of the 60 days. an officer my nominate themselves for an award. the commission may award any member for meritorious conduct may not you steady one months
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pay of that member. i mentioned an awards committee once the package goes to the committee it's made up of 3 captains serving and term even if 6 months. i had an honor to serve on the awards committee. the 3 captains are replaced with the next captains in senior it. the captains are rooted through the screening committee then the next 3 had an opportunity and we go back to the top of the order. there's a consensus so the department gives a package and
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there's a consensus where it out of that have 0 agree. we either approve it and move it pardon pa forward or return it to the captain and say it explicit merit a metal or maybe a nomination for a metal of valor but we believe it's more of a police accumulation it's the two-thirds majority. after the process of the award screening committee we've gone through the package we forward it back to the office and prepare for a committee meeting at the 551 room in the hall of
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justice. all the command staff and captains are present as voting members and again, no acting captains the chief coyote often substitutes the honor that you have is you get to participate in this progress. the secretary of commission inspector morrow serves. 6 constitutes a quorum we have to have of the animatess are voted that on separately the awards committee who - if i'm the captain that animates someone i can be there but not vote. 2/3rds must vote and if the majority is not met for example, maybe many of us think the
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person is deserving of a metal of honor but we don't have the two-thirds majority it will be put on the next highest metal which is is bronze. the voting is made by secretary ballot unless waved and forwarded to the chief of police for approval. all right. i want to talk about awards screening committee there's a history that's involved. we're all in 551 and the nominating member gets to come into the room their dressed in their class a the commanding officer explains the raendz that officer is being nominated. the nominated member is asked
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questions the voting process begins and i talked to reece about this today. there's about 50 or 60 animatesed that come through every year. we have a box it's about one hundred and 50-year-old we use mashldz we use those beautiful mashldz that are color code and the box gets passed around i love this tradition. i had to ask how would the box is it's about one hundred and 50 years. if the member receives a metal of valor let me say we vote if the person receives a metal of valor we all shake their hand. if the member receives a lessor
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award they wait in the office and are told. after the awards - the police officers are given their awards no matter what it is on an annual or semiannual basis we have a recipient ceremony. you all have been there we invite the family and friends and commission officers to formerly present an award to an officer. the command staff and captains are unusual in tenants. a lessor award then that award is given to let commanding officer and the captain is responsible to present the award to the officer. that concludes my presentation
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about the officers award process. >> thank you very much captain lazzaro. i know that most of commission >> if i could add once again it's done the namthdz are forwarded to see if there's any complaints before they're given the award. >> commissioners any for captain lazzaro regarding this presentation. >> thank you. i think i appreciate the time. so i had a couple of questions. one it during the voting process part of the - is there any information presented about whether or not there's >> pending inspirational affairs investigation or a district attorney investigation.
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>> no. >> that's not presented at all. >> no 0 that's why it's presented to occ after the fact. what happens in the commission is the nomination itself is read word for word. it's a memoranda it wouldn't be in the memoranda except for the exact facts. it's not a question that's asked of the nominate necessary it's not - i'm trying to get a sense >> i've been in the room since 1997 and i do know that is what is expected of occ. >> if i might respond what is expected of occ is to report out on any pending occ investigations but as to whether
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or not there's separate internal affairs or a separate district attorney investigation that's not the function of occ nor do we have that information that's held in want police department. >> right that's correct. >> and i also wanted to ask i know there of the some discussion prior to tonight how long an investigation takes with the impersonal fairdz and about the da's investigation. i was trying to do a little bit of background investigation has been been a long-range period of time for officer involved shootings. today know is there american people afternoon time i've heard it's about a year >> no i don't think that's the case. there's still several da
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investigations that are open and depending upon the complexity of the case it can take years >> is there an average. i don't have that >> and how about internal affairs. >> if there's an internal affairs investigation? >> that's part of why the item came up i expressed concern i want to make sure when there's an pending investigation and two we want to care a rule or have the award processed for that case until the investigations are concluded for us to consider. i noticed the 3.09 that captain lazzaro did a good job >> well 3304 make sure that all
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the investigations are done within the year. pretty much our investigation is forwarded to the da to make a review and issue what would be a declination letter on an officer shooting. but again, there's no predict our of how long it could take. >> okay. thank you. thank you, commissioner da joe's. i've had the honor of sitting in on the process it's a little bit choifk but it's humbling and it's nice way for the captains to get together and discuss the police officers role doing heroic things running into burning building and doing a lot of heroic things.
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it's a great process with the malicious and i've seen it get heated in there. it's a role great procedure. i think one of the raendz it's been brought up i've been on the commission before with the cohesive with there was some metal that were awarded but there were issues going on for the background of the woourd of those metals and i know this commission delayed those honors. i can't remember how we did that but i'm saying this to the officers they got the award but there would any appearance of a scandal. i know recently it's come up again where there's some allocations of an investigation
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everyone was confident there was no wrongdoing. we might want to consider a policy from the commission standpoint if there's an investigation ongoing or not exactly concluded or the circumstances of an award you may want to delay it we might want to talk about delaying it until the procedures are concludeded. this going forward there might be a good rule. i know last time it caused some hard feelings. i in no what you want to take away from the deeds the officers do they risk their lives. i was there when officer - when one of the officers partners had been shot in the head and he was
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nominated for an award it was a hard process to answer questions. i know how they don't feel they deserve awards and their humble. i think we should talk about going forward do we want to have a policy in police radios so it's not haphazardly done or hurt feelings or any kind of chirps. i want to assure the commission it is anything but happen hazard hard and it comes by policy to this commission for approval >> i don't mean the process is happen hazard arrested i mean if
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an investigation is not concluded we may want to talk about that. >> i think there's a process in place to have that happen. >> i don't know the policy i've seen it go both ways. the - and a itself committee of valor makes recommendations >> i'm not communicating myself very well but it depend upon who is sitting on the commission and the outcome. i'm wondering as the policy goes forward doesn't this committee want to have a policy in place. it's just putting it out there they mate not want to do that at all it's a guidance for making decisions some commissioners don't have the history and don't know we've detailed it in the
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past. i know there were some bad feelings going on people were wondering was there an investigation going on. i'm talking about as a commission pitting in a guideline when they're making the praufldz whether or not they want to 3r5u6 interest i'm talking about our body to have certain guidelines in place. we mate not want to approve one it gives with guidance to the commissioners but you have that prerogative now >> you're missing the point some people knowing the history we have that power and we just put it in a written policy would be in the benefit of us
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currently sitting and future commissioners. i may have not articulated well enough >> i'll jump off but it's not noted when it's begin to the commission it's just a list of folks. >> that's right. we happen to know about the federal case but when you get that list we don't know if there's a federal case good morning. maybe it should be brought to the commission attention so they can make an informed decision about the process >> i know commissioner lost tuesday there is a process in place as the chief said. the chief was thinking about obtaining to one of the awards and a there wasn't enough time and how do we handle that in
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front of the of the thought commission and we're not laud to talk about personal matters. and canned plaintiff's 3ly there's a process and the commissioners can say look i don't agree to this award. but here's my thoughts having been on the commission for awhile my questions is it's a delicate balance. because everyone in the gold metal incident it's an officer involved shooting so there's an be american people investigation. so look at the condition for a goldment metal. there was serious concern last time about this commission waiting for the litigation donates pend. there's a lot of lawyers out
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there that like to hold the city hospital contagious for fees. that doesn't mean there's any merit to it. so move back into the facts and the process and the process itself is that you have the most senior members of the police department who know if an officer shooting is correct or not reviewing this. we had an incident the occ didn't have a chance to respond and officer hicks was not on the agenda. again, we move back to does this belong to the commission or is this one the one of the oldest traditions. do we even have a is in this. when you look at this it's the
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tradition of the police department it's their award. it's a delicate balance but again, we have to be cognizant there's always going to be a lawsuit. and what those officers did it's not fair to wait. and back to the question what takes so long for the officer shootings. i ouch wonder what takes so long. if a homicide occurred right outside of the city hall and the suspect was arrested they'd be in court monday. everybody is krots their i i - everybody is waiting for someone to make the decision and that's from the da's office. that's w


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